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My name is Banafsheh. I am the president of New Narratives Community. I’m here to serve and fulfill my responsibility to the universe as a human being.

If you would like to know more about me, feel free to send me an email and I will respond to your questions as soon as I can. The email would be:

New Narratives Community is inspired by a nonfiction "novel" called “The Lemon Tree” (written by Sandy Tolan); a real-life story of an Jewish woman and a Palestinian man and the friendship that develops between them. The story is told against the backdrop of political and historical events.

In recognition of this friendship, we were inspired to create “NEW NARRATIVES COMMUNITY”; a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting dialogue and understanding between the Jewish and Palestinian communities.

We are about creating spaces to facilitate conversation and dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, its history, and the latest course of events. We will strive to have competing narratives expressed, heard, and represented.

The purpose of the dialogue is not to prove the rightfulness of one narrative over the other one but to get both to be heard and also to provide the opportunity to learn about each other.

The realization of every dream begins with taking the first step. At New Narratives Community, we dream of living in a world where people share love and understanding rather than exchange hatred and vengeance. With every step, we will move closer towards that dream.

Our events and initiatives will not be limited to any specific or pre-defined type of activity. As the road unfolds, we will explore a variety of channels and mediums to achieve our purpose.

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