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We are about creating spaces for dialogue and conversation between the Jewish and Palestinian communities. Our purpose is for competing narratives to be expressed, heard and represented.


Please share your narrative with us.

Our events pursue the goal of becoming aware of the perspective of the other in order to truly understand where the other side comes from and where the friction comes from.


We are about creating spaces to facilitate conversation and dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, its history, and the latest course of events. We will strive to have competing narratives expressed, heard, and represented.

Our events and initiatives will not be limited to any specific or pre-defined type of activity. As the road unfolds, we will explore a variety of channels and mediums to achieve our purpose.


Our events and initiatives emphasize the importance of dialogue and mutual understanding.


They promote the idea of becoming aware of the perspective of the other in order to truly understand where they come from and where the friction comes from. Through facilitating this awareness, we aim to create spaces where competing narratives are represented and expressed.  

Get Involved

Every act of reaching out and participation will help us tremendously.

Whether it’s volunteering at our events, taking part in our initiatives such as a study group, attending our events, creating awareness of New Narratives Community on social media or simply joining our mailing list, it will go a long way in our quest to generate conversation and promote understanding between the Israeli and Palestinian communities.


The blog is about reflecting the beliefs and opinions of the two sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in order to identify barriers and/or opportunities to reaching mutual understanding between the two communities.

We will also include in our blog inspiring stories of friendship and reconciliation between these communities in Canada and abroad.

If you would like to share your perspective or have a story to tell, please contact us.

Our website launched on May 28, 2020.

Our first event was a book discussion; more details on the right and also under the "projects" heading.

We are going to be starting a news club soon.

lemon tree 2.jpeg

At our first event, we had a conversation about a nonfiction "novel" called “The Lemon Tree” written by Sandy Tolan. It’s the real-life story of an Arab/Palestinian man and a Jewish/Israeli woman who share a common history: they both lived in the same house but at different time periods.  The story revolves around the friendship that develops between these two characters.

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